Venture Weekly Issue 49

Top Story
   »Sharing Om’s thoughts VC, and its outsized impact on innovation, on the occasion of his partner stepping down from the NVCA


   »Explaining how an investor’s emotions can impact the quality of the investments they make


   »Responding to uBeam retractors and more general thoughts about staying focused, taking risks and the challenge of innovation at the bleeding edge


   »Summarizing key lessons for developing strong startup ecosystems based on the history of Silicon Valley


Market Trends
   »Analyzing the decline in VC investment over 2016 and which stages have been hit the hardest


   »Illustrating some notable differences in financial performance between the top B2B and B2C companies


Startup Focus
   »Explaining the components of Brand Marketing and best-in-class examples from the former CMO of Just Eat


   »Using customer “inflection points” to help your startup gain distribution and scale


   »Guiding SaaS founders on how to overcome the challenge of growing from initial traction to $10M in ARR


   »Diving deeper than just the “pipeline problem” to uncover what is truly driving the lack of women in tech