If you’d like to meet or schedule a call with Nick, you can reach out to him at Nick at New Stack dot com.


We are active investors from our fund, investing in nearly one new deal/month. Nick has worked with thousands of entrepreneurs in the following areas:

  • Fundraise Strategy
  • Raise Amount
  • Valuation
  • Identifying Investors
  • Getting Meetings with Investors
  • Creating a convincing Pitch Deck
  • Advisor Strategy
  • Negotiating/Closing
  • Creating a Board


Nick has worked with over 50 investors and investor groups on their:

  • Thesis
  • Evaluation process
  • Standard Deal Docs
  • Creating a Syndicate
  • Dealflow Strategy
  • VC Fundraise Strategy
  • Building an Investor Brand
  • Launching a Blog or Podcast