Investor Stories 354: Visionary Founders (Jain, Jensen, Edelson)

Investor Stories 354: Visionary Founders (Jain, Jensen, Edelson)

On this special segment of The Full Ratchet, the following Investors are featured:

  • Gaurav Jain
  • Larsen Jensen
  • Alex Edelson

We asked guests to discuss the most visionary founder that they’ve worked with and what makes them so special.

The hosts of The Full Ratchet are Nick Moran and Nate Pierotti of New Stack Ventures, a venture capital firm committed to investing in founders outside of the Bay Area.

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Transcribed with AI:

Welcome back to TFR on today’s special segment, we ask guests to discuss the most visionary founder that they’ve worked with, and what makes them so special. Here’s the segment called visionary founders.

On today’s special segment, we have Gaurav Jain of a for capital grava, who is one of the most visionary or inspiring founders you’ve worked with and what makes him unique.

I’ve been lucky to work with many and frankly, I learned way more from them than they probably get anything out of me. But the the name that comes to mind right away is Alison Watson. She’s a founder of a company called modern health in the mental health space, we lead the free seed round, they’ve gone on to become a unicorn in the mental health space, you know, in an absolutely crafted when it comes to revenue and traction. And the reason I think of her is, you know, when I remember when she came into to pitch us when she was just getting started with modern health. You know, she talks about how mental health could become the sort of fourth pillar of benefits, right? How most companies in America offer health insurance and dental and vision. And mental health is just as important as your teeth through your eyes are the rest of your body and like hence, should be a benefit that every employer should offer. And that was sort of, you know, one of those pitch meetings where you’re like, pause for a second, you’re like, Ha, is that? Is that true? Like, do I believe that that sounds something really big statement. And like, you kind of you process it for a second year, like wow, that is actually really compelling a vision, it’s not incremental, this could be really transformative, whether it’s this company or somebody else, like do I believe in that future, but also a founder that can execute and that can learn, you know, she didn’t come from an enterprise sales background, right? She didn’t, she is not, you know, from deep in the mental health space, but was able to just get out there and talk to customers and learn and, and it’s able to sell deals worth hundreds of 1000s of dollars, right? Which it’s not easy, having done sales before, like learning that that motion is not trivial, right? But you’ve never done it before, when you feel vulnerable, you know, running the process, and I think she’s got that combo of like is able to, you know, imagine what the future could be and sort of sell this big vision but also execute on a day to day basis. So I think if you have one or the one but not the other, not the not the best founders because the outcome end up not being not being what you desire. And that’s what she’s she comes to mind. And she was she was spot on market timing. I think the vision that she started off with is coming through increasingly more and more companies. I talked to her offering these these benefits. Obviously she has an amazing job building the team, having gone through the ups and downs have COVID And of course that affected mental health directly and has their industry and their business. So in a bra a lot of reasons. She’s somebody I really you know, admire and we’re lucky to partner with them. Yeah.

On today’s special segment, we have Larson Jensen of harpoon ventures Larson, who is one of the most visionary or inspiring founders you’ve worked with and what makes them unique.

I’d have to single out John Gadd mark from Astralis. He is a true expert in the space segment the space economy, his aspiration to build geostationary satellites that deliver broadband internet over specific geography and very harsh radiation environments. Using software defined radios is something that is a Herculean feat, that previously cost our incumbents billions of dollars per individual satellite to accomplish over nearly decade long build timelines. They’re building these things in less than a year at well over 10x cost improvement if not 100x cost improvement. I think the guy is truly brilliant, and I’m excited to be an early investor in that company.

On today’s special segment, we have Alex Edelson of slipstream. Alex, who’s one of the most visionary or inspiring founders you’ve worked with and what makes them unique.

Yeah, I mean, so it’s really like QED driven, honestly, I mean, to be evil as a new bank and Rick Elias at Red ventures are about as good as I’ve ever seen. They’re amazing. But Nigel acuity is pretty good, too. Of course, he’s got to be my choice, right? Like building Capital One. Pretty amazing. I wasn’t around for that story. But I was very close with him, of course security and he’s just like force of nature, like so many six SAS is in his career, and has seen so many successes and failures like just amazing ability to like see around corners operationally, like what’s going to happen like from an operational perspective in a company, very high EQ. very strategic like connects the dots constantly like, well, here are five ways that this could be, you know, even better or, like, here are three people you should meet. And I just had this conversation over there and YouTube should connect and I read this article A month ago, like you should read and it’s like, amazing ability to connect the dots. So you know, he’s who comes to mind, he’s at the top of my list

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