Investor Stories 343: Visionary Founders (Tully, Schwerin, Beller)

Investor Stories 343: Visionary Founders (Tully, Schwerin, Beller)

On this special segment of The Full Ratchet, the following Investors are featured:

  • Tim Tully
  • Jules Schwerin
  • Morgan Beller

We asked guests to discuss the most visionary founder that they’ve worked with and what makes them so special.

The hosts of The Full Ratchet are Nick Moran and Nate Pierotti of New Stack Ventures, a venture capital firm committed to investing in founders outside of the Bay Area.

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Transcribed with AI:

Welcome back to TFR on today’s special segment, we ask guests to discuss the most visionary founder that they’ve worked with. And what makes them so special. Here’s the segment called visionary founders.

On today’s special segment, we have Tim Tolley of Menlo Ventures, Tim, tell us about one of the most visionary or inspiring founders that you’ve had the opportunity to work with.

Yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s probably Ito liberty, who’s the CEO of pine cone. And I know, you know, that’s one of my own portfolio companies. But, you know, he started a vector database company back in, I want to say it was like, 2019, I think is when that company initially started, but like, nobody believed in that, like, nobody thought there was a place in the world for for vector embeddings. And like, nobody understood what it was or why you would want to dedicate a database for it. And, you know, he had the guts to be out there and, you know, pound the pavement and keep pushing the agenda, knowing in the back of his mind that it was necessary. And it was an important problem that he was chasing down, and that it was going to be needed. It’s just the rest of the world hadn’t caught up with that yet. And that’s usually which, you know, you know, indicative of a great founders, like, they see things before everyone else. And they, you know, they want to solve this problem harder than anyone else in the world. And they’re gonna wake up every morning running through walls and make it happen. And that’s what he is right? He was going to make this happen, hell or high water, and the world was a year they’re going to figure it out, or they weren’t. And I was lucky enough to get on that train back in 2021. Before all the generative AI stuff happened, but you know, he’s looking pretty smart now. So yeah, love

it. We’ve heard a lot about pine cone lately. We had Peter Wagner from winning on the programme as well. And he talked about the business. Oh,

yeah, he’s, he’s, he’s a great guy. He’s on the board with me and just, you know, really one of the smartest people I know. And I really love working with him. I have to go back and listen to his podcast. Perfect.

Today’s special guests is Jules Sharon of RTP. Global Jules, who is one of the most visionary or inspiring founders that you’ve had the opportunity to work with and what makes him so unique.

My one of my favourite founders is Dimitri at Big ID, on a personal level, really clicked with him. He always drove his team really hard. He was always super fair, was a very good leader. It was also just kind of a goofball. And it’s not generally what you think of but I would say to rephrase that was just very human like, it’s easy to connect with is one of those guys that walks in the room and kind of just understands everyone in the room and is able to have a conversation with the janitor or the CEO or anywhere on that spectrum. I think that’s a really important quality and a leader is actually listening, caring and being able to connect with anyone, no matter who they are, where they’re from.

Yeah, absolutely.

On today’s special segment, we have Morgan Beller of FX Morgan, who is one of the most visionary or inspiring founders you’ve worked with and what makes them unique.

Andy, from Stoke, he’s also always top of mind what makes him unique, he’s insane, as discussed, like, Who wants to go compete against Bezos?

So stoke is the the space startup that’s competing against SpaceX? Correct

Drake who wants to go compete against Elon Musk and Bezos and it’s and I could give more colour but that’s my that’s my short answer.

Give us some more colour. What makes him unique?

I’ve never worked with any founder that is so good at everything. So like, everything from me, he’s building a goddamn reusable rocket and like, he’s good at that. Like, okay, and I he always it’s not rocket science. It’s Rocket engineering, and he cracks me but like he was good at that. But then culture you go and you visit their office and that’s like the best culture ever. Everyone’s so happy to be there. They have like fantasy football, raffles. They have all these weird culture fun things and everyone’s so happy to be there. monthly email like monthly update emails, he sends the best monthly update emails, random text messages that just keep me posted on what they’re doing and make me smile. He sends the best ones of those communicating with customers and like government officials is like the best at that. And it’s really rare to see someone just firing across all cylinders. We didn’t mean to be upon being ahead of schedule, doing what he said he’s going to do coming in under budget, being really frugal but also expending in the right ways. Recruiting literally anyone he wants. Like I don’t want to drink sip. I can’t. There’s nothing wrong with him. due to drought, but I’ve never worked with a founder that is just all star across the board. I don’t know what the right sports analogy is if it’s like the winter when we have to do when things really well the decathlon, but that seemed like when am I when he’s like on TV and he like crushes it

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