Investor Stories 337: Visionary Founders (Stack, Kaiser, Green)

Investor Stories 337: Visionary Founders (Stack, Kaiser, Green)

On this special segment of The Full Ratchet, the following Investors are featured:

  • Risa Stack
  • Joe Kaiser
  • Mitchell Green

We asked guests to discuss the most visionary founder that they’ve worked with and what makes them so special.

The hosts of The Full Ratchet are Nick Moran and Nate Pierotti of New Stack Ventures, a venture capital firm committed to investing in founders outside of the Bay Area.

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Transcribed with AI:

Welcome back to TFR on today’s special segment, we ask guests to discuss the most visionary founder that they’ve worked with. And what makes them so special. Here’s the segment called visionary founders.

On today’s special segment, we have Risa Stack of the production board, Risa who is one of the most visionary or inspiring founders that you’ve had the opportunity to work with and what makes him so unique.

Yeah, gosh, I’ll say well, I mean, I’ll, I’ll maybe I’ll answer, give an answer that it’s maybe not directly answering questions and get back to question I’d say, you know, a really visionary person, I’ve had the pleasure of working with his book buyers and, and I learned so much from him. You know, I don’t know if you would call him a founder. I don’t know if people know this. But Brooke was the first investor in Tandem Computers. Most people probably don’t know what tandem is because it merged a long time ago. I dec, Biogen Idec I think they’ve dropped the idag Electronic Arts. And I guess what I’ve learned from working with Burke was he’s just really good at picking Scott words is this said earlier, it’s, it’s to invest in people in that products. He’s found some amazing people and back them and really help make them successful. And so to me, you know, he’s been a visionary across so many different industries, if you think about, I give three of them computers, biotech, and, um, games like, so he’s, he’s been amazing in terms of, you know, the things that he has helped create in our industry. And so that’s, I’d say, is a pretty common traditional founder, but he is really contributed to a lot of some of the, you know, the major developments and my lifetime. Yeah, absolutely.

On today’s special segment, we have Joe Kaiser of Mercado partners, Joe, who’s the most inspiring founder that you’ve had the opportunity to work with, and what makes him so unique,

that you’re asking me to pick my favorite child. I’ve worked with so many exceptional founders that are getting hungry and humble. And just, it is amazing to work with them. One, one that I will call out though, I’m on the board of a company called Mountain and it’s really defining the advertising technology space for connected TV. And the founder and CEO His name is Mark Douglas and Mark is might be surprising to some that know him sort of a mark is absolutely that hungry and humble for some character marks, he would not tell you but I’ve known him for a long time now. You know, Mark grew up in socioeconomically challenged part of New York City in the Bronx. He taught himself how to code. He obviously comes from very humble beginnings, he worked in the Marc Benioff era at Oracle. And today, the just sheer grit and learning teaching himself really, he is arguably the leading technology thinker, and advertising technology. And as a consequence to that mountain is where it is. And then the other thing that is so inspiring for me about Mark is in 2018, the business was in a segment of advertising called retargeting, and for a variety of reasons that I won’t bore you with today retargeting became a very challenged area of ad tech Mark had this a I’m just going to burn the boats moment, we’re going to pivot our tech and everything we do, to solving for connected TV and obviously communicated with the board about what it was doing to support it with data. But like talk about like, we are going to make a binary decision right now to to move from here to here. And it’s worked. Obviously that business has grown tremendously team to today and highly attributable not to just marks intellect but his character and his willing to just have sheer grit through the tough moments.

On today’s special segment, we have Mitchell green of lead edge capital Mitchell who is one of the most visionary or inspiring founders that you’ve worked with and what makes them unique. Brett

hurt CEO Bazaarvoice for sure, Brett he was so founded core metrics. So that for like 300 million fine had Bizarre Voice sold it to like a billion plus attempts to get public and then now he’s on his third company which were small investors and just because we made an option back because he’s been an insanely support Paul, Minnesota my along the years, Brett the way Brett communicates with his stakeholders is like second to none literally like every couple of weeks they send an email out with like everything happening in the business. I actually think it’s how he manages the business, frankly, no, of course not. He’s not writing the whole thing. We just know what’s going on. Like, it reads like a book. If you read the last three years of the history and like, if you had read it all too bizarre voice I just, I think how he communicates with his stakeholders is super important.

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