132. Nick Moran is Interviewed on Bootstrapping in America

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TastyTrade was kind enough to invite Nick on their program, Bootstrapping in America.  In this episode the interview audio will be available on the podcast and the video is here on the blog.  Hosts Kristi  Ross and Tony Batista interview Nick about the Podcast, the investment group and what types of startups he invests in.


  • What are your thoughts on the state of the overall venture market?
  • Why do you invest at the early stage?
  • Is early stage investing about return opportunity and volume of investments?
  • How long have you been doing the podcast and what topics are you covering?
  • What questions do you focus on for the podcast?
  • What’s the demographic of investors in your syndicate?
  • You had background in M&A.  It seems like you’d be able to apply that to your investing now.  What are the most notable experiences or skills you gained while doing M&A
  • How many companies are you invested in?
  • How do you pick your favorite investments?
  • Can you talk about examples of your investments and how that fits with your investment focus?
  • Why do you require startups that have a business model with an annuity?
  • Are you going back to your experience building and launching a product and investing in similar types of products?
  • Can you talk more about why the generalists are going away and what types of VCs are positioned for success?

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