Venture Weekly Issue 50

Top Story
   »Discussing Brad’s approach to making difficult decisions


   »Discussing the need for venture scale returns on a venture-oriented timeframe


   »Discussing how non-accredited investors should think about jumping into crowdfunded angel investing


   »Explaining the different exit options for startups and why we need more IPOs


Market Trends
   »Analyzing the journey of disruption through the lense of traditional retailers being disrupted by e-commerce


   »Illustrating the landscape of tech companies providing alternative data for investors


Startup Focus
   »Analyzing why A/B testing may not be applicable for early stage SaaS companies with limited user traffic


   »Discussing the benefits of having happy employees in the workplace


   »Guiding founders on how to build a well-balanced and effective early stage board


   »Discussing how to approach studying and getting smart on an emerging market sector