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Investor Stories 17: What’s Next (Gasser, Struhl, Day)

On this special segment of the Full Ratchet, the following investors are featured: Eric Gasser Jonathan Struhl Rob Day Each investor discusses sectors, drivers and/or market trends that may have significant impact in the future and are potentially positioned for outsized-returns. Itunes: Direct-audio: SoundCloud:  

42. Raising a VC Fund (Jonathan Struhl)

Jonathan Struhl of Indicator Ventures joins Nick to discuss how he raised his first VC Fund. We will address questions including: What are the types of venture funds and what are their key differences? How do venture funds establish a strategy or investment focus? An LPA and PPM are necessary when…

41. The Exit (John Huston)

John Huston of Ohio TechAngels joins Nick to cover The Exit. We will address questions including: How should angel group leaders think about the exit as a part of their investment strategy? Not every geographic area has produced multiple unicorns or any unicorns for that matter. Why is this a…