Date Stars Name Title Review
2016-09-29 5 Ian VanBuskirk Getting my Ph.D. in VC and fundraising from TFR Nick is outstanding. The podcast has spurred a new passion in me on this topic to the point I’m trying to find a way into the space that makes sense as an accomplished finance professional in my mid-30s. The show is always intelligent and interesting. Nick dives deep into various topics but is always concise and on point. Can’t tell you how much I appreciate his work.
2016-09-23 5 nirajpant Great show! As someone earlier in their career, this is a great resource to learn from.
2016-09-04 5 SeattleRobert Nicely done. Great listen if you are interested in early stage investing Strong interviews with really interesting and experienced investors. Highly recommend.
2016-08-29 5 JasmineBeauty Love this show!! Always informative and deeply educational. Love how Nick structures the show.
2016-08-18 5 Daniel Kendi One of the best investing podcasts out there! Beside choosing carefully each of the topics related to the startup ecosystem The Full Ratched brings different use cases and guests that have deep knowledge of investing strategies and the fundamental topics in venture capital. I am coming here not as an investor but as an entrepreneur looking to understand the dynamics of the fundraising proccess and prepare for my next steps. Nick understands that and welcome entepreneurs and investors to reach him in a 20min talk accessible in his website. Great guests, updated content and easy to listen!
2016-08-16 5 D 2 The I Amazingly Beneficial I feel that Nick’s The Full Ratchet podcast has furthered my knowledge greatly in the Angel/VC ecosystem to the point where I can have conversations that I could not have had prior to listening. Due to this I will be better equipped to raise capital, regardless of the source, for my start up now, and forever more.
2016-08-14 5 Brandon Lutz Quality Podcast TFR was a terrific find for me. Whether you are looking for more technical insights, or just a general feel for VCs and Private Equity, TFR has a wide array of episodes to appeal to you. Nick is a compelling host, and every episode feels thoughtfully made. Highly recommend.
2016-08-13 5 mwsmpsn Keep it going strong Ok Nick… I will do as you say… First review ever… Thanks for the podcast…
2016-08-12 5 jmfrentzel Great podcast – best free VC advice you can buy Nick does a great job engaging great people in the startup/VC community. He has thoughtful insight and makes material transparent and easy to understand. 10/10 would recommend to anyone interested in startups or just investing more generally.
2016-08-11 5 MtnsAreCalling VC Love the show
2016-08-11 5 RickSchmidt Great Podcast This is an excellent podcast! Nick does a great job of presenting important topics and interviewing a wide range of industry experts. I highly recommend it!
2016-08-10 5 Brandan0518 Love the Investor Stories! Started listening a few weeks ago and have pretty much listened to every episode/ picked something up each time. Each episode is the perfect length and it’s always tempting to start another one no matter what you’re doing. I love the questions asked in the “Investor Stories” and listening during short Uber Rides. Can’t wait for more episodes! Thanks Nick for taking the time to do the show!!
2016-08-05 5 Luvrofdis The Full Monte You can learn everything there is to know about Venture Capitalism and Angel Investors from this podcast. Nick pulls back the curtain on the mysterious world of start-up investing. Through his interviews with industry insiders and concise summaries at the end of each interview he gives the audience knowledge they simply can’t get anywhere else.
2016-08-03 5 Angy Customer Very good for seasoned/beginner investment professionals As an entrepreneur and finance professional, I really look forward to the insight provided in this podcast. From basic deal structuring to insight from top class investors, he makes VC approachable and easy to consume.
2016-07-21 5 raedona Short sweet and to the point Found it very informative
2016-07-20 5 melchezidekOrder The standard for start up invesing Fantastic podcast. This is the only quality podcast I know that focuses on what it’s really like to invest in start ups. There are several podcast that help you as an entrepreneur but very few they give you the perspective of the investor.
2016-07-20 5 BR8-er Startup Guide Love this podcast, it’s a great resource for startup’s, as as well as those looking to get into VC investing and or those already in the VC industry!!! The format content and delivery are all excellent. This is probably the highest quality podcast I listen to (and I listen to many podcast shows on a weekly basis). Love The Full Ratchet!!! Thank You, Nick!!!
2016-07-19 5 Aaron508 Cracking open the door to the world of startup investing Nick gives his listeners a well prepared, thoughtful and informative show where one can learn everything there is to know about startups. The show is on a pretty advanced level, but I was able to get up to speed pretty quickly. A great resource for founders, angels, and job seekers. Start listening now – you’ll be hooked!
2016-07-15 5 Greg Sklar Reviews about Amazing Reviews It has been a long time before I came across a podcast or product even online with such great reviews. This podcast is great with great interviews, guests and the format makes it easy to understand complex topics. Try it and keep it up!
2016-07-11 5 subbu4 Super solid – I listen to every TFR podcast – subscribe if you’re an investor or entrepreneur! Nick interviews prominent angels and VCs from all corners about their investing philosophies, companies they’ve passed on + why, and companies that they’ve invested in + why… so he himself can become a better investor. He declares this upfront, and it is undoubtedly the primary motivation in every question he asks. The answers he receives are candid and therefore valuable to newbie angel investors. But guess what! I’m not even an investor. I’m a health tech entrepreneur, and listening to these sessions teaches me about investor psychology, term sheet design, product and market. Subscribe already!
2016-07-11 5 SSSlater Great insights and guests Nick does a great job of capturing important themes and topics of the current time. The conversational style with guests makes it easy to listen and get insightful commentary. As a VC practitioner I get the benefit of how other people in the industry are approaching investment decisions and what they are looking for. Nick also does a great job of explaining key terms/concepts to help investors that are just getting into the field
2016-07-07 5 emilycchiu Totally Awesome I’ve checked out a ton of podcasts, and The Full Ratchet is one of my favorites. Nick Moran is a fantastic host: thoughtful, structured, and asks all the right questions to elicit maximum wisdom for the time allotted. There is no “fluff” in this podcast. The structure of the podcasts are great too — with longer 2-part series for guests who have really insightful things to say — and shorter rapid-fire formats that are also great. I never write reviews for podcasts, and actually had to google how to do it in iTunes, but couldn’t recommend this enough, especially for anyone interested in technology, investing, and important trends across industries, and how influencers in Silicon Valley are thinking about + shaping the future.
2016-07-07 5 SimonDeFleur Thanks, Nick Your podcast has been an invaluable resource. I just landed my first job in VC at a top firm. Really felt prepared after listening to the show and reading some recommended resources. Hope to collaborate on a deal at some point. Keep up the good work. Your program is best-in-class.
2016-06-16 5 brianbur Awesome resource for VCs As an up and coming VC this has been a tremendous resource. Still working through them all. Keep it up Nick!
2016-06-13 5 Thegr8WHThyph Fantastic listen!! The full ratchet is a superb podcast that I can’t get enough of. Nick covers a wide range of material related to early stage investing. His interviews are both fascinating and informative. Perfect commute listen!
2016-06-13 5 Michfeld A must listen for new investors Listening to Nick’s podcast has taught me pretty much everything I know about startup investing. It should be a primary resource for new investors who want to educate themselves on the space. Keep up the great work.
2016-06-09 5 Samwise Gamgee1 Excellent Resource! I have found that it is rare for those in the industry to share their knowledge of investing and even more unique for them to do so while openly seeking to become more proficient themselves. With this podcast, Nick does an excellent job of both. Alongside industry experts, he breaks down the components of startup investing to their simplest elements while thoroughly covering all aspects of each topic. A great listen for industry insiders as well as those on the outside, hoping to break in.
2016-05-11 5 Remiere Laaaa-da-di-daaa, wait till you get UR $$$ RIGHT Finally, a pod on startup investing that doesn’t put me to sleep. There’s no better way to learn than from the experts, and Nick features a new one every episode in an accessible and entertaining format. Great resource for those looking for a crash course on angel investing and tips you can immediately put to use. Highly recommend.
2016-05-08 5 Jan’s Addiction Best in class There isn’t a more focused, well structured and valuable course on venture capital. Thank you Nick for contributing your time and making it available for free.
2016-05-04 5 SeanMEverett AI FTW! Dig the fact that he’s moving out into AGI and bleeding edge software
2016-04-27 5 TrueHawk Ventures All you need in a VC podcast I’ve been an avid listener of Nick’s podcast for 6 months now and I’ve learned more about the ins and outs of VC than any graduate business course could have ever taught me. Nick maintains a solid pulse on the startup investing space and brings on an awesome variety of guests with deep industry knowledge.
2016-04-26 5 KevinK#93 For Both Entrepreneurs and Investors The Full Ratchet gives the listener a whole new perspective on start up investing. Through interviews with industry icons Nick Moran paints us a detailed picture of the current start up landscape. Using real world examples and taking the time to explain the financial jargon in terms anyone can understand, Nick covering everything from deal structures, to selection criteria, to pitch techniques and valuation methodology. I particularly like the summary points he recaps at the end of each show, to ensure you got the key take aways. Should he ever write a book about start-up investing, I’m sure it would become an instant best seller.
2016-04-07 5 Yummy Yammy Startups Love It Too I’m not an investor, and not likely to be one for the foreseeable future, because all my money goes into my own startup. Nonetheless, Nick’s podcast is what I listen to on every drive, because I need to learn more about how investors think, what they’re looking for, and how the whole landscape works. I love his straight-forward approach, and how he doesn’t seem to have the kind of ego that wants to make it all about him. He gets the best out of his guests and I’m learning a ton.
2016-03-29 5 Zeroboundaries To many golden nuggets to keep track of! For an aspiring investor, I could not ask for a better way to learn about the ecosystem. Nick brings fantastic investors to the podcast with truly insightsul conversations. One of the best car ride podcasts I’ve listened too. Engaging! Educational! Entertaining!
2016-03-28 5 MoBell Muscle Personable, Insightful, Personally Helpful Great Podcast giving actionable guidance / help. Nick knows his stuff cold by bringing together his unique background and unquestioned expertise. Additionally, he generously offered his time to listen to our company’s current financing options and offered great advice for steps moving forward. Within 5 minutes of conversation, he understood our situation and provided solutions and connections. Great guy, great podcast, and now we are hoping for great RESULTS with his support.
2016-03-21 5 MDroesch The Best Way to Learn the Secrets of the VC Industry for Industry Leaders The Full Ratchet is hands down the best podcast available for actionable insights into how the venture business works. Nick takes a highly structured approach to interviewing prominent investors and extracting key takeaways that current or aspiring investors or entrepreneurs will find extremely valuable.
2016-03-21 5 JoeShonkwiler Awesome podcast I listen to many different startup/venture-related podcasts & this is one of my favorites!
2016-02-14 5 André de O. S. Moreira Best VC podcast After a long time searching for a podcast that could actually give me valuable information about the venture capital system I finally found it. The Full Ratchet has it all – it starts with all the fundamentals and keeps evolving into more complex and specific themes, but always in a easy going coversation. As a non-native speaker and as someone that lives in a country where the VC system is considerably different, I can assure you all that Nick and his guests can always give you a clear view of the subject that they bring to discussion, and a great part of that is due to the format created by Nick to this show, in a Q&A program with guests that no only dominate the topic, but are also reference in their field (and have plenty of experience to illustrate the subject). That is another strong point of this podcast, besides a great content, you get to know a little part of what these bigshots think, and even their contact references (and preferences!). Finally, I must say that Nick also deserves a 5 star evaulation. Besides using his network to bring notable guests to this show, we can see that he deeply cares about the quality of The Full Ratchet. Once I sent him an e-mail, asking his point of view on a specific investment opportunity and he answered me giving some reflection points that really helped me on my final decision (I passed that investment). I already listened to +-10 podcasts about startups & VC, and The Full Ratchet is clearly the best one in all aspects.
2016-01-26 5 Ted Glasnow Incredible resource for Angel Investors and Entrepreneurs This podcast is the ultimate resource for people interested in learning about early-stage startup investing. Nick is a fantastic interviewer, who does a great job of getting incredibly experienced VCs to communicate their knowledge in simple terms. Nick wraps up every episode with “key take-always” that makes even the most convoluted topics manageable. He features a wide range of guests that represent every aspect of the business, and more importantly, every geographical region (not just Silicon Valley). I have read several “essential” books on Angels investing, but this podcast is a vastly superior source of information on the subject!
2016-01-04 5 Miami2DC Essential tool for entrepreneurs looking to raise angel and venture financing! The Full Ratchet is an excellent source of information for entrepreneurs that need to raise angel and venture financing. The Podcasts will help you understanding the key financial terms for fundraising. To understand pre-seed fundraising to series A and beyond, subscribe to this podcast! Thank you Nick.
2015-12-25 5 runninonmt A Must-Listen for any Angel Investor This is an excellent podcast – very informative and helpful, with many expert and well renowned guests. It’s a very good introduction and deep dive into angel investing. I wish I’d started listening to it when I first started investing in startups two years ago; the advice in this podcast would certainly have saved me some headaches and money! Thanks for all of your hard work and great advice, Nick!
2015-12-20 5 Seph Hall Essential for early stage and startups Essential for anyone who plans to participate in early stage and startup, investors and entrepreneurs alike, fascinating for anyone who wants to learn more. Every episode holds up well to repeat listenings, and it pays to repeat. Don’t miss a single one. — I started early stage investing at the beginning of 2013, and felt like a blind man poking about with his stick. The learning curve is incredibly steep. Full Ratchet has pulled me upslope farther and faster than anything else I have encountered to date. Listened to my first episode in early October 2015 (Jeff Carter), then burned through the archived interviews, learning something important from every single one. — Thank you for your podcast, Nick. Thank you for helping me to be a better investor. I have honestly lost count of the number of episodes which I have sent on to my founder to listen. The early stage and startup environment is so very opaque. I cannot overemphasize the value of what you have to share. And you do it freely. You are building something great here. Cheers.
2015-12-14 5 DHH1226 Learn from the Experts The Full Ratchet is a fantastic Podcast, bringing together great guests with an inquisitive, capable interviewer—Nick Moran. Nick does a great job finding fascinating people from all across the investing side of the venture world, and finds a great balance in having them discuss their past successes, their insight into markets, and what their plans are. He also is very adept at compiling these insights, summarizing them in an easily digestible way, and generalizing them to “connect the dots” with previous guests and things happening in the world of venture. A must-listen for anyone looking to learn, whether you are a novice or already an expert.
2015-11-11 5 Watch The Turns Required Listening I listen to numerous podcasts and this is my favorite. Each podcast is a mini seminar on the fundamentals and intricacies of angel investing. Listening to each and every podcast should count as a finance elective at MBA programs. Many entrepreneurs and angels will benefit from this podcast over time.
2015-11-05 5 burrenhostel Keep up this amazing content I stumbled upon this podcast in my quest to gain knowledge on VC and the angle community. I have been amazed at the quality of information that is given in this podcast. I cannot wait for a book or book tour to be done by this host. Nick really provides a show that has a great learning structure with review and summary of the episoide. I am glad that someone with his experience is taking the time to pass along information. Thank you and keep producing this amazing content. Cheers.
2015-11-05 5 JCases Listen to these podcasts! You won’t regret it! I am the founder of a Saas start up and had no clue what I was doing when it came to the investor/start up arena. Someone had mention The Full Ratchet was a great resource and after listening to a few, I couldn’t agree more. This is the resource you need to listen to to prepare yourself for the fastest moving career of your life. As a result of the podcasts, I was able to confidently secure over $200,000 within weeks. I would without reservation recommend these podcasts to anyone whether you’re an investor or a start up.
2015-10-16 5 Tatyana Gray I’ve Learned So Much! I’m so happy that I found Nick’s podcast. I’m relatively new to angel investing, and the advice I hear on the Full Rachet has been very useful as I go and make investments. Thanks, Nick, for assembling such a great lineup of experienced angel investors and VCs.
2015-09-03 5 Gocubsgo22 Great for Founders too As a founder I find Nick’s podcast to be a great resource for investment insight as well as analysis of other markets outside my company’s core focus. Great stuff
2015-08-14 5 metamagician Exactly the thing to get started in Angel Investing Most information on angel investing online is scattered and piecemeal. This podcast is a gold mine that is targeted, valuable and feels like a college survey course. Nick – appreciate your putting this together in a thoughtful way. One suggestion would be to get experts in different geographies on the show as well to discuss what is unique about their startup ecosystems. I am in Chicago and would love to learn more about the local landscape.
2015-08-05 5 Chuck.feerick Very Helpful for those looking to learn The Full Ratchet is fantastic in the way Nick breaks down all the steps the go into Startup Investing, Venture Capital, Fundraising, and Entrepreneurship. It’s a great listen for seasoned investor and upcoming entrepreneurs alike!
2015-06-06 5 jsMrWolf Great Resource for both investors and entrepreneurs! Love to hear Nick’s and his guests’ perspective on angel investing. It is certainly helpful to the angel community. It is also very useful to the entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs need to understand angels’ perspective. The podcast is well structured, well timed, and has just the right amount of detail. I’ve listened through the first 11 episodes, looking forward to hear the rest. This is my current go-to podcast while driving.
2015-03-26 5 Appleman7934 Fantastic The show is great. It provides real insight into investment world. It is not just fluff or a platform for up selling. There is real knowledge being taught. The guest lectures are fantastic. This is one of the most exciting shows I found so far. Thank you so much. Keep up the great work!
2015-03-16 5 TCA Member essential podcast for new angels Nick has built the episodes logically from foundational information to nice to know information. Well done style!
2015-02-19 5 wakboarder Essential Listening for both Aspiring Angels and Venture Experts! The Full Ratchet is hands down my favorite podcast and absolutely the best resource there is (on any medium) if trying to get a crash course in angel investing / venture capital! Nick has really created something special here so check it out and spread the word! I started angel investing about 9 months ago and quickly found that there is basically nothing out there to educate you on the ins-and-outs of the venture world. After making several investments flying blind, I was refreshed to find this oasis in the desert! Nick will introduce you to a diverse set of experts and distill the key takeaways along the way. Every episode is unique and presents a new angle. I believe that you can leap fwd a full decade of the learning curve by listening to this series. I’ve listened to every podcast and plan on going through them again start to finish! I’m very excited for what I’ll learn next! One final note… while Nick Moran plays host and lets each guest expert have the spotlight, don’t let him sell himself short on his own investing expertise. He is clearly an experienced and knowledgeable investor who knows what he is doing! Any startup or investor would do well to have him on their team. Check out the podcast and you will not regret it!
2015-01-27 5 Colette Ballou All You Need To Know About VC & Angel Investing This podcast is informative yet humble. It starts at an intro to all topics, and constantly provides fresh perspectives with hyper-informed guests while allowing for new listeners to catch up (and helping those of us who are a bit dense). To be listened to again and again, my go-to source, and information that’s good for the newbie up to the seasoned investor.
2014-12-11 5 DrSJS Excellent!!! This is an extremely informative, engaging and surprising entertaining podcast for investors and entrepreneurs alike. The wrap up at the end of each podcast is a very nice way to end the show and the notes provided on iTunes are very valuable. Hats off to Nick and all of his guests!
2014-12-11 5 Doctr Spacman Brilliant and Captivation This podcast is extrememly informative and entertaining. I have given up reading on my daily train ride in favor of this pocast. The notes on the website are also very helpful, if I can’t keep an example straight or want to reference back to an old episode its all right there. I love the episode recaps and of course the tip of the week. Thank you so much, keep up the great work.
2014-08-11 5 spuiszis Great for those looking to break into the industry Practical, concise and well thought out. Perfect for someone who is actively trying to get into the VC / investing world.
2014-08-10 5 Lance Tweeden 6 +’s, 2 -’s and 1 ? Overall, five stars as this has been the most targeted and topic focused podcast on Angel & VC investing that I’ve been able to find that combines a knowledgeable host asking direct Q&A to an bevy of industry experts. (Keep reading for a more detailed summary supporting the ranking.) Ok, I’ve listened to all of the episodes (I think ten so far) and can say that I give it six positive marks, two semi-negative marks and have one question. The six positives: 1 – The podcast was recommended by a professional angel investor I trust when I was pestering for something to help me ‘get smart’ on the subject. 2 – The guests are really industry players from across the country. I’ve heard of most of the investors (yet I am still new so more experienced people may know all of them) so I was very impressed that a new podcast was able to land such well known people. 3 – I think that the interviews flow well with structured and straightforward questions vs other podcasts where hosts just have organic agenda-less conversations that don’t have a takeaway purpose for the listener. 4 – The end-of-interview recap. I don’t realize how much of the interview I missed until the recap. This is a great summary that every episode has included and something I started writing down (until I found it all written on the website). 5 – Upon finding the website I liked it as you can see each interview’s recap, the ’tip-of-the-week’, the resources each guest spoke of (or book they wrote) and the site wasn’t full of extra clutter trying to be another all things for investors resource (where I get lost as it is too much to get through). 6 – I like the ‘tip-of-the-week’ but it is my least favorite so far as the ‘tips’ feel a bit too high level or conceptual and would like more details or examples to bolster the advice. Though this is new and maybe that is what is planned going forward. OK, the two negatives: 1 – If anything it is the length. An hour show is great but my commute is not that long and while I could increase the playback speed > 1x I actually don’t because the content has been so good that I don’t want to miss anything (and I’m already finding that I’m missing things during the recap). So maybe this negative is more of a backhanded compliment, the show is good – so good that I can’t speed it up and finish it during my commute. 2 – The show is also expensive in that I haven’t bought everything the guests were plugging but I did order Rose’s book and Feld’s book. I am digging into Feld’s first and it is a great resource and now a lot of things I’ve heard are making more sense. I guess these resource expenses are just pennies compared to the thousands I’d likely be losing making uneducated dumb-money follow the lesser-fool investments. My one question is wondering where the show goes from here. So far the episodes have been good intro-101 complimented by great interviews so after the range of basics are covered I look forward to seeing the show go into greater hands-on detail of the ‘how to’. About me; I am interested in investing but didn’t know where to start so I was self-studying via blogs, google alerts and other internet articles. So far the podcast is only nine or ten episodes old but I’ve already become more confident to ‘get involved’ as the tips herein and the resources the speakers have talked about (promoted) have pointed me in a direction for MUCH better educational information.
2014-08-08 5 KelleyMack Outstanding!!! I am so thrilled that I have discovered such a brilliant podcast! The host is fantastic, and seems to be extremely polished. Every show (that I have listened to so far) includes a guest that is not only brilliant – but is also able to share a wealth of knowledge and insight into the world of start-ups, investments, and entrepreneurship. Every single show is filled with an array of outstanding advice, useful tips, and a whole plethora of knowledge that I have found to be insurmountably beneficial…
2014-08-05 5 MWM2014 On The Mark Nick does an excellent job of making this topic accessible to folks who might be new to this area and are interested in finding out more. And the passion expressed by Nick and his guests make it that much more enjoyable.
2014-08-04 5 aacho8 Recommended Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in this subject matter. The guests on the podcast provide very good insight into the industry.
2014-08-04 5 cdemale Access and entertainment This podcast gets education from people who have done it and are still doing it. Excited to hear what’s coming next.
2014-08-04 5 Smitty2863 Nick you should go into broadcasting Nick, I listened to the first episode you have a great voice and cadence, with your personality coming through, while you broke down investing in Laymen terms. Nice work I will listen to some of the other podcasts when I have time.
2014-08-04 5 JamesRGray Well Done High quality podcasts. I especially enjoy the conversations with other experts in the field. As someone new to VC and angel investing, I have learned a lot.
2014-08-04 5 GDuncan10 Great podcast for investors! I am loving this podcast. Tons of great information is discussed and Nick’s delivery is very clear and easy to understand. The guests are great and the topics are very relevant. As someone who listens to a lot of podcasts, sound quality has become important to me and this podcast sounds extremely professional with great clear quality sound. I have subscribed to this podcast and look forward to listening every week.
2014-08-04 5 RWM14 Top quality Would definitely recommend giving it a listen – good interviews and information.
2014-08-04 5 Jobama2013 Insightful I’ve found that quality angel and VC investing info is hard to come by. This podcast is what I’ve been looking for. The lineup of experts interviewed is impressive. Keep them coming!
2014-08-04 5 BCVL7 Well considered content / polished style Not sure if you’ve been doing podcasts for quite awhile (seems that way), but I was most impressed with the polished presentation style – podcast is not only packed with relevant info but also a good listen
2014-08-04 5 Borat1267975 Great podcast, filling a gap in the market Nick’s informative podcast is definitely a must for anyone who’s interested in private, VS, angel investment. Whether you’re a veteran or rookie in this industry, you will find something interesting in these podcasts because of the great insights that Nick gets from his guests.
2014-07-18 5 kikishy Thank you Thank you for sharing your knowledge
2014-07-17 5 musiclover570 Pretty good Nice to download this on my way to work and learn more about angel investing.
2014-07-01 5 AKM415 Very helpful I am new to the ideas and concepts of investing in start-ups & want to learn more. I have found this podcast extremely helpful. The host, Nick Moran, does a great job interviewing experts in the field. And the experts offer great information. The content is robust and the conversational style makes it approachable. I have learned valuable information from each episode & look forward to more.
2014-06-13 5 Dt1431 Informative and entertaining Really enjoyed this podcast. Looking forward to more