Q&A: Angel Pro-rata

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Last Week’s Question & Answer:

 1) The Number of U.S. Seed VC Firms has increased at a rapid pace since 2010.  What explains the increase?
  • 30%     Over-supply of capital due to bull market
  • 52%     Demand for capital is driving supply…  More startups founded & gaining early traction as entry barriers and costs have decreased
  • 4%       Better knowledge & picking ability at very early stages has caused VC                investment capital to move to earlier stages
  • 4%       Higher return potential of seed has caused VC investment capital to move to earlier stages
  • 9%       Superior returns in VC have caused investors to allocate higher percentages of portfolio to VC


2) Which Investor Stories Segment is your favorite?
  • 5%        Why I Passed
  • 15%      Why I Invested
  • 31%      My Investing Strategy
  • 20%      Exceptional Founders
  • 29%      What’s Next?