Investor Stories 26: My Investing Strategy (Davis, Carter, Struhl)

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On this special segment of the Full Ratchet, the following
investors are featured:

  • Mark Peter Davis

  • Jeffrey Carter

  • Johnathan Struhl

Each investor describes their investment thesis and
how they evaluate startups for investment.





  • Seph

    JC @ 4:50 –
    “On the [trading] floor our saying was, “Your word is your bond”. That ethos really resonates with me. My first school was the US Air Force Academy, where they have an honor code. I like that way of doing business. I like to be able to talk to people and your word is your bond.

    You don’t necessarily find that in VC… I think there is a lot of, not liars, but just people that aren’t saying what they really believe, and a lot of people will drop into MBA catch phrases… rather than just be plain and transparent. So I like to deal with entrepreneurs that are plain and transparent.”

    Awesome. “Your word is your bond.” Every time I hear or read someone affirming that ethos, it’s like a breath of fresh air. All parties can move with greater purpose when they know that commitments will be honored and that statements have real meaning.

    The unsupported MBA catch phrase sounds like a good heuristic.
    1) The speaker is unwilling to say what they really think.
    2) The speaker is unable or unwilling to figure out what to think and express those thoughts coherently.

  • Seph

    Starting @7:25
    The poker analogy is really helpful. Instructive.