Investor Stories 20: My Investing Strategy (Huston, Brown, Heltzer)

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On this special segment of the Full Ratchet, the following
investors are featured:

  • John Huston

  • David Brown

  • Jason Heltzer

Each investor describes their investment thesis and
how they evaluate startups for investment.





Huston Thesis Full Ratchet

David Brown Thesis Full Ratchet

Heltzer Thesis Full Ratchet


  • Seph

    @3:45 – John Huston
    “I calibrate with this really elegant question… let’s put off to the side the amount of this round, presume you have raised it. You’re accurate on your burn rate, you have 6 months cash left, and you are going to raise another round. Tell me the story that you feel you have to tell the A-1 investors so that you can accomplish the following:

    1) Get [the raise] done in six weeks.

    2) At least 50% of the investors will be new money… new, smart wallets

    3) Warrant at least a 25% uptick in value

    Stand up right now and make the pitch, give me the 5 bullet points…”

    Outstanding. Thank you, Nick.