84. The Cap Table, Part 1 (John Buttrick & Sean Moran)

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John Buttrick of Union Square Ventures & Sean Moran of eshares joins Nick to cover The Cap Table, Part 1. We will address questions including:

  • John, can you walk us through your background and how you became involved in venture capital
  • Can you talk about your experience at USV and what you are focused on there?
  • Sean, can you walk us through your story, your path to eshares and your role there?
  • We’ve discussed cap tables on the program in the past but have never done a deep dive. Just to get everyone on the same page, Sean can you start us off w/ overview of what a cap table is and what one can expect to see on most cap tables?
  • Sean Moran cap tableJohn, I’m sure you’ve seen many cap tables as an investor. Can you mention some of the common issues you come across when reviewing a cap table?
  • Many of the cap tables that I review at the seed stage are pretty simple tables in an excel or google sheet. Sean, why the need for an automated solution?
  • What is a 409A valuation?
  • John, what’s the biggest value for investors of a clean and potentially automated cap table?
  • Sean, what’s the biggest value for startups of a clean and automated cap table?

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