79. Hardware Investing, Part 1 (Avidan Ross)

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Avidan Ross of Root Ventures joins Nick to cover Hardware Investing, Part 1. We will address questions including:

  • His thoughts on why hardware and physical good brands dominate the rankings of people’s favorite brands
  • Why extremes and fat tails are developing today between increasingly digital, connected experiences vs. highly analog, custom, physical product experiences
  • We also touch on my recent blog post: ‘Changing the Asset Value Equation’ and discuss how some platform hardware approaches like the iphone, Amazon Echo and even Tesla are allowing hardware assets to deliver more and more value over time
  • Then finally we discuss Avidan’s background and how it led him to start Root Ventures
  • After which we talk about the landscape of hardware and the categories within it?
  • We then discuss why Avidan has adopted a hardware thesis and what makes hardware startups so compelling for investment
  • And we wrap up by discussing this concept of a trojan horse in the context of hardware products and why this allows for enormous value creation.

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