75. No Fun Allowed, Part 1 (Jonathon Triest & Brett DeMarrais)

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Jonathon Triest & Brett DeMarrais of Ludlow Ventures join Nick to cover No Fun Allowed, Part 1. We will address questions including:

  • Jonathon, can you start us off w/ you background and path to investing in startups?
  • How about you Brett. How did you find your way to becoming a venture capitalist?
  • What’s the strangest or most shocking pitch you’ve ever heard?
  • What’s the most frequent startup, style faux-pas and which venture capitalist is the most frequent offender?
  • What’s the most boring or annoying thing about being a venture capitalist?
  • If you could pick a handful of investors for the new reality show, ‘VC Survivor Island’, who would choose?
  • If you were a unicorn hunter, what startup would be first on your hit list?
  • Whose blog do you read frequently, but always leave more confused than when you arrived?
  • Which current presidential candidate, reminds you most of a venture capitalist?
  • When you think of super heroes and super villains, who from the VC world comes to mind?

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