69. Building an Investor Brand, Part 1 (Jay Acunzo & John Gannon)

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Jay Acunzo of NextView Ventures & John Gannon of BEMAVEN join Nick to cover Building an Investor Brand, Part 1. We will address questions including:

  • Jay Acunzo building an investor brandJay, can you start us off by talking about why VCs and in some cases angels are attempting to build an investor brand?
  • John, what are some of the methods that you’ve seen investors use to create a brand?
  • Jay, we’ve heard a lot recently about the “platform” VC approach. Mark Suster recently wrote about Upfront’s plan for a platform strategy and the efforts of firms like Andreesen and First Round are well documented. Can you fill us in on what VC’s are doing w/ this platform approach?
  • John Gannon building an investor brandJohn, who are some of the long-standing players that have done an exceptional job creating an investor brand and why?
  • How about investors that have more recently created brands? Jay, can you talk about some that standout and what they’ve done?
  • John, Is there a way to identify up and coming investors and aligning yourself w/ them?
  • As discussed earlier, for me, my efforts have been a really significant time requirement.  Any thoughts on ways to manage the time committment?

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