55. The Hands-on Investor | High-Engagement Investing, Part 1 (John Greathouse)

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John Greathouse of Rincon Venture Partners joins Nick to cover The Hands-on Investor | High-Engagement Investing, Part 1. We will address questions including:

  • Greathouse Hands-on Startup InvestingCan you walk us through your background and how you became involved in startup investing?
  • I came across your writing on lessons from surfing for the startup investor. Can you take a moment to talk about how surfing has helped you become a better startup investor?
  • You’ve spoken in the past about investors helping startups gain institutional mass. First off, how do define “institutional mass” in the startup context?
  • What are some of the methods by which investors can assist startups in building institutional mass?
  • Which of the methods, do you believe, can have the most ROI for a B2B SaaS business, for example?
  • How tactical do you get and what does a weekly review look like? Are you framing the conversation? If you are plugging in in a marketing and sales capacity are you reporting on lead and conversion metrics? Can you talk about the detail of that weekly meeting?
  • What are your thoughts on how hands-on investors should be and/or your philosophy on investor engagement with portfolio companies?
  • How does this approach play out in practice from Ricon’s standpoint and do you require a board seat upon investment?

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  • George Schu

    Hi Nick — I recently started listening to your podcasts and have found them to be of exceptionally high quality in terms of content and production. Thank you for the work you, your guests and colleagues put in it to producing such informative and actionable shows.

    One comment on Ep55 is that the sound quality was degraded. I didn’t have that issue with other episodes. If you could get your guests to participate using a speaker equipped headphone, rather than a speaker phone, that may ensure the audio quality.

    George Schu

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