48. The Value of Data, Part 1 (Leo Polovets)

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Leo Polovets of Susa Ventures joins Nick to cover The Value of Data, Part One. We will address questions including:

  • As a startup investor, why did you decide to write your series of articles on the “Value of Data?”
  • You released this series in three parts. At a very high-level, can you give an overview of the three sections?
  • The first section has to do w/ the increasing value of data and how it’s now being used as a competitive advantage. Can you start off by walking us through the historical evolution of data and how hardware and software has become commoditized?
  • From your perspective, as this commoditization progresses, the sustainable competitive advantage becomes DATA. You’ve talked about the creation of Data Moats and how data sets become a closely guarded advantage. From your list o 10+ ways in which companies apply data to create more defensible products, can you pick three or four of the more common approaches and cite example companies that are employing these approaches?
  • Moving on to the next portion of the series, the focus is on accumulation of data and potential pitfalls… Can we start w/ the four ideal attributes of data sets that should be front-of-mind during the collection process?
  • You go on to outline the collection process and the five major sources of data. What are each of these sources and how do they go about acquisition of data?
  • What tips would you give to any startup that has a big-data or data as a competitive advantage focus?
  • Finally, wrapping up the section on data accumulation, you cite the pitfalls and caveats. What are the major questions founders should be asking theirselves in order to avoid building data sets that have much less tangible value than intended?

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