22. Lessons from 5 Years of Angel Investing (Gabriel Weinberg)

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Gabriel Weinberg joins Nick on The Full Ratchet to discuss his lessons learned from five years of angel investing including:

  • Gabriel Weinberg- why startups failCan you first highlight the basic stats of your first few years angel investing?
  • Talk about how you first set your basic strategy on angel investing?
  • With regard to each item in your approach, how has your strategy evolved and why?
  • You’ve mentioned some key takeaways on your blog. I’d like to touch on each of them.The first is about being in it for the money. Can you fill us in on this takeaway?
  • The second is about “Going Earlier.” What do you mean by that?
  • You caution readers about the “aquihire.” What is it and why the caution?
  • The next item was about Opportunity Cost for large, active investments. What’s the message here?
  • The last item you mention relates to board seats and party rounds. Can you fill us in on the definition of party rounds and the key takeaway on this point?
  • What advice would you give to individuals that are new to startup/angel investing?

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