98. Public Policy for Angel Investors, Part 1 (David Verrill)

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David Verrill of the Hub Angels Investment Group joins Nick to cover Public Policy for Angel Investors, Part 1. We will address questions including:

  • David Verrill Startups Angel Public PolicyCan you talk about your experience at Hub Angels and how the group and investments are structured?
  • Can you tell us the story of how you became involved with the ACA and ultimately became chairman?
  • Today’s topic is public policy issues for angels… Can you start off by talking about why public policy issues are an important consideration for angel investors?
  • Is there a way you structure or frame the angel-related issues within the public policy spectrum?
  • What are some of the current top priorities in public policy for the ACA?
  • Late last year, congress passed the PATH act, related to capital gains, and the SEC recommended tweaks to the accredited investor definition. Can you give us an overview of the updates on each of these issues?
  • What terms and or classifications must there be at time of an investment for a startup to be considered QSBS and for angels to get a capital gains tax exemption?
  • How does the QSBS cap gains exemption work with convertible notes?
  • I recently read through the HALOS Act ie. the Demo Days Bill that was passed by House of Representatives on May 2nd… Can describe what this bill allows and why it’s significant?

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