140. Navigating the Future of IoT (Panel Discussion)

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UILabs recently hosted a panel of IoT experts to discuss the future roadmap for IoT.  I moderated the discussion and the panel included:

  • Ben Forgan, CEO of Hologram
  • Brenna Berman, Executive Director of City Digital, UI Labs
  • Jenny Fielding, Managing Director, Techstars IoT
  • Jim Gagnard, CEO of SmartSignal (acquired by GE) and Chairman of the Illinois Technology Association
  • Ty Findley, Senior Associate at Pritzker Group Venture Capital

During the discussion, we addressed the following:

  • The “inning” or stage of maturity that IoT is at
  • The smart home and what the winners will look like in the space
  • How investors assess consumer vs enterprise IoT and suggestions for entrepreneurs with applications for each
  • Investor thoughts on the metrics they evaluate for IoT vs. other horizontals like SaaS
  • The key opportunities at different levels in the IoT tech stack
  • The key barriers to mass IoT proliferation and what’s limiting IoT
  • Thoughts on security for IoT and the role of government
  • Wrap up w/ Q&A from audience members

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