130. How Amazon, Fitbit & Snap Won; Where Apple, Pebble & Google Did Not, Part 1 (Ben Einstein)

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Ben Einstein of Bolt joins Nick to cover Hardware products that have succeeded where others failed, Part 1. We will address questions including:

  • To start off, can you talk about your thesis and approach toward investing in hardware?
  • What are your thoughts on hardware startups designing for one use case vs. building a platform?
  • You’ve cited the example of Google Glass vs. Snap Spectacles. Can you highlight the key difference in the approach for each of these products?
  • What two things has Snap done well w/ Spectacles that hardware startups can learn from?
  • Another example you highlight, re. broad vs. narrow scope, is Apple Siri vs. Amazon Alexa… what are the key differences you’ve noticed in these two approaches?
  • What are the key things that founders should take away from Amazon’s approach
  • Design iteration is easy in SaaS, not in Hardware. How do you advise hardware startups w/ regard to iterating and design improvements.
  • What’s your opinion of Kickstarter/Indiegogo as a way to validate customer demand?
  • Rather than a $1M in sales on a crowdfunding site, what validation would you like to see from hardware founders?

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