127. Sector & Niche Focused Funds, Part 1 (Jordan Nof)

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Jordan Nof, head of investments at Tusk Ventures, joins Nick to cover Sector & Niche Focused Funds, Part 1. We will address questions including:

  • Jordan Nof Sector Niche Regulatory Focused FundsToday we are talking about Sector/Niche Focused Funds. First off, at a high level, what categories and in what ways have you seen funds specialize?
  • What are your thoughts on thesis, thematic and horizontal driven focuses vs. sector, geo or other vertical focuses? 
  • Do you think specialization is a new trend or one that’s always existed?
  • I’m in an area with a lot of generalists. Why do think we are seeing the emergence of so many specialized investors?
  • What are the benefits of niche/sector focused funds?
  • What are the drawbacks?
  • Is it more appropriate to specialize at early or later stages… or is stage irrelevant?

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