116. Index Investing, Mastering Dealflow & Seeing Everything at Series A, Part 1 (Galen Mason & Brian Axelrad)

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Galen Mason & Brian Axelrad of Service Provider Capital join Nick to cover Part 1 of their unique approach to using service providers to source high volume dealflow, LPs and to employ an index investment fund strategy. We will address questions including:

  • How did your experience as attorneys reveal an opportunity in startup investing?
  • Can you tell us the story of how you first began thinking of the SPC model and implementing it in the midwest?
  • Can you explain the basics of the Service Provider Capital investment model?
  • 2016-11-16_1531So are LPs primarily made up of service providers?
  • What is your investment criteria?
  • Do you consider this an index strategy… why or why not?
  • What are the top 10 categories of service providers and which types of service provider have made the best partners?

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