113. The Next Great Startup Ecosystem is… Part 1 (Chris Olsen)

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Chris Olsen of Drive Capital joins Nick to talk about the next great venture ecosystem: The Midwest.  We review the following:

  • How Chris first discovered the opportunity in the midwest and the reaction of fellow Sequoia partners when he presented his findings
  • The research effort the launched that helped build the midwest thesis and what the key data points were
  • How they define the midwest at Drive
  • Why they chose to locate their HQ in Columbus, OH
  • Why the midwest is the fifth largest economy in the world, receives 25% of all research dollars, graduates more CS students that any other region or country and yet has received only 4% of the venture dollars
  • and we’ll wrap up part one w/ Chris’ response to those that suggest that every great startup must relocate to the valley

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