100. The Man Behind the Mic, Part 1 (Nick Moran interviewed by Colin Keeley)

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For this milestone #100 episode, the host of Tech in Chicago, Colin Keeley, interviews Nick Moran with questions from the listeners including:

  • Nick Moran listener Q&ANick, there are a number of brands that you own: The Full Ratchet, Venture Weekly, New Stack Ventures, and Moran Capital Partners. Why all the brands and what are you doing with each?
  • Can you take us back to your beginning and talk about your experience at Danaher, before you went off on your own?
  • Why the decision to transition full-time into angel investing?
  • So, after you got involved as an investor how’d you decide to start a podcast about venture capital?
  • How have the goals for TFR evolved since you started?
  • How did you decide to go the Angel List syndicate route instead of raising a venture fund?
  • How do you select your guests and topics for each episode?
  • Who are some of the dream guests that you’d like to have on in the future?
  • What episode is your favorite?
  • What are some of the key lessons learned after 100 episodes?
  • How many investments have you made and how much do you invest in each deal?
  • Why did you choose to use Angel List to syndicate your deals?
  • How do you source your deals?

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